Store Policies and Practices

The Store's Terms & Conditions are as Follows:

Accessoria will do its best to secure customer satisfaction from the start. However, if there is the need / desire for a return or reimbursement by another means here are our policies / produres for obtaining them: 

Cosmetics and Toiletries with Broken Seals and Lingerie or Swimwear Cannot Be Returned Due to Hygienic Concerns.

Clothing and accessories that were obviously worn / used, have the scent of perfume / smoke, or, are without their tags and complete, in-tact packaging (with the expection of being opened for inspection) will not be received.

Items Damaged in Shipment Must Have a Claim Filed with the Carrier for Their Reimbursement. (Proof of the Claim Filed Must Be Sent to Accessoria for Any Benefit from Accessoria.) No Refund Will Be Issued by the Store in That Case - But a Store Credit of $25 Will Be Furnished to the Buyer for the Inconvenience.

For All Other Items a Return Authorization Shall Be Obtained WITHIN 7 DAYS (24 Hours × 7) from the Time of Delivery (as Stated by the Carrier's Tracking Report).

For Best Proof of the Return Request, It Must Be Made through the "Contact Us" Link on This Site. 

(Doing Said Properly Within the Time Allowed is an Automatic Return Authorization Provided That the Merchandise to Be Sent is in Fit Condition.)

Buyers Will Choose and Pay for Their Return Carrier. Buyers Will Have 7 Days (24 Hours x 7) from the Request for the Return to Dispatch Shipment by a Tracked Method. The Buyer Must Forward the Tracking Info through the "Contact Us" Link Immediately Afterward.

As Soon as the Eligible Item is Received by Accessoria a Full Refund of Its Purchase Price Will Be Forwarded via a Credit to the Buyer's Checking / Credit Account.

Please See the "Delivery Information" Section for More on Shipping.