Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Most items will come from Accessoria's warehouse / 3rd party logistics provider via a form of 2-3 day delivery (for the U.S.) that the provider will select. Shipping partners may include but are not limited to USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, EMS, etc. Tracking numbers for all shipments regardless of type will be furnished to the customer via an e-mailed receipt immediately upon creation of the shipment.

Accessoria ships to most countries, except those who:

* bar trade with the U.S.

* have especially restrictive Customs rules

* are at war or have a history of social / political unrest

* have a history of polital corruption

* have frequent occurrences of mail theft and / or mail fraud

Regrettably we cannot ship to African nations at this time. 

We will not be able to ship to Italy and Brazil due to Customs issues.

It will be up to the buyer to determine the practicality of making an international purchase. Wait times for delivery will be substantially longer for overseas customers than for those in the U.S. Accessoria cannot be responsible for import taxes, lost items or those seized by Customs. Despite Accessoria's efforts to be cautious, overseas purchases will be made at the buyer's risk.

All shipments will be suitably insured. Reimbursement for all damaged or lost shipments will only be provided by the shipper after filing the proper claim with it.

Thank you for your understanding.